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Judy and I have extensive experience in working with both entrepreneurship and not-for-profit organizations --in volunteerism and community action on behalf of under-served populations including those who often experience homelessness such as: prisoners, persistently mentally ill, battered women, and people on low-incomes

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People in general find us resourceful, personable, flexible and hard-working team members. We believe you will derive some practical benefit from our commitment to sharing our values-based experiences presented here with practices of inner and outer harmony vital to healthy, well-developing, sustainable communities. Regardless of the reason you found this website, we love having the opportunity to be part of the ever- widening, beneficial “butterfly effect” in humanistic evolution.  

Contact us if you are interested in  t developing, empowering healthy community via workshops such as "The Way of Council, Bringing Baby Home?"

As it was during the 1960’s it is again time for compassionate rebellion - one fueled by the perennial humanistic philosophies of poets, comics, bums and children. gain time for compassionate rebellion - one fueled by the perennial humanistic philosophies of poets, comics, bums and children. 

Since we are all related we humans need each other. And in order to live together in harmony, we create practices of “Right Action.” Nonetheless, whatever beliefs one holds around “Right Action,” whether based upon Humanistic philosophy or faith practice the free, artful pursuit of life must extend equally to all sentient beings. The community circle, the tribal campfire, the commons square that, previously, has always intuitively been central to civility – itself a primary expression what it means to be human, has been co-opted in recent times. Materialism, technology and population stressors abound to divide us. Today, the 3 poisons of modernity proceeding from Wallet to Watch and now Wifi have proceeded like viruses, unquestioned in wise council.

Speaking to the current corporatist coup d’état, we celebrate the opportunity that Globalism’s present challenge offers us. Today we have the opportunity to consider resetting our collective moral compass. Though we may be unaware of them, we all have biases. As the dangers of “true believers” of various “isms” and demagoguery pose great risks to personal liberation and to life as we know it. We must awaken from this self-centered dream-state. Mahatma Gandhi said, "You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty."