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Yoshinkai Aikido
instructional video
now available on DVD
$25 - includes shipping in USA 
Takashi Kushida Sensei
Tourda Sensei is the author of
Aikido: Harmony with the Movement of the Universe
co-authored with Vincent McCullough
This textbook presents a broad-based introduction to the study of Aikido and Yoga and is available online and through most bookstores and libraries.
Yoshinkai Aikido lineage
About Takashi Kushida Sensei (1935-2012) 
Takashi Kushida was a Japanese aikido master and the chief instructor of Aikido Yoshokai Association of North America. He began his study of Aikido under Gozo Shioda in 1955 and lived at the Yoshinkan Dojo as a professional student for many years. -Wikipedia

Accompanied by Tourda Sensei, this beautifully restored 20-minute film of basic movements displays Kushida Sensei's mastery of Aikido. Each movement is performed in slow motion so that the student will be able to easily follow and review Kushida Sensei's teaching.

Originally produced by Tourda Sensei in 1977, this film had  been stored in his closet until now - 40 years later.  Students of Aikido can now view Master Kushida - the originator of Yoshinkai Aikido- as he demonstrates many basic and classic movements of the art with Tourda Sensei; teacher of, Ben Talley, who owns the copyright to the DVD and the original film as well.