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Judy & Ben Talley

Perhaps your brow wrinkles with such diverse subjects that seem incongruent. Physics, the Planet & Philosophy have always been more closely linked than our modern awareness would allow. The ancients lived with all three in perfect Harmony. It has only been in more “civilized” times that we have created the illusion of separate-ness. 

Since you are reading this, perhaps, we may now assert that we are “friends in common.” We are grateful for Life’s gifts; one of which is appreciation of evolution towards Harmony – both in inner and outer space. 

What defines “healthy community”? Aikido, Deep Ecology and Zen teach that all phenomena are inter-related and mutually inter-dependent realities. Our mission is to live the Middle Way; a path with a heart for modern life. We borrow from Permaculture’s core values, which vow to care for our earth and people and to share the surplus in community.

Our lives are indeed our poems. This, dear reader, is our poem for you. We are consciously “paying forward” a lifetime of life’s travails and triumphs with the sincere expectation that something here will enrich your life and that of your community during this earthly walkabout we call “life”.

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