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 Our Mission is to promote Home Aquaponics & Permaculture Practices of

  •    Caring for the Earth ​

  •   Caring for People​

  •   ​ Sharing the Surplus

“Who am I?” is an integral part of “Where am I?” Living holistically means I am coming Home. This Homecoming happens when I meet my responsibilities toward my Ancestors, to the Land, and listen with loving kindness to other living Beings, while bearing in mind that Nature is not only a place, but also Home. I cannot ground myself at Home or obtain Wisdom, unless I at least try to listen deeply to what the Land and all Beings of the Land have to teach me. When I do this, spiritually and literally grounded, then I no longer think of myself as a “Californian,” “American,” or even as a “Human,” but more as one drop of water in this ocean we call life. I am an “Earthling,” informed by Nature, both within and around me.

Wherever we may be, whatever the fates may have in store for us, we will stay within our Tiny House Footprint, and in living our “monastic path with a heart,” like the transcendentalist Brook Farm of 1840's folk, or the more contemporary Hog Farm, inspiring others to do so also. And in that spirit, may we all continue, without the need for asceticism and piety, but certainly with much Singing and Dancing.

Food Gardens of the Future
are here Today

Tiny House Big Garden
is proud to have been
a team member in the

Top Award Winning
Garden Exhibit
at the
2015 San Diego County Fair

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and an exhibitor at San Diego's 
STEAMmaker Festival 
This is our 35 ft transit bus that we converted over a 3 year period. It's been 8 years, some speed bumps along the way, a difficult maiden voyage, but we are now ready for the road.  All mechanics and rubber too. Just needing a final coat of paint, refrigerator AND a name.  Suggestions welcome.  BTW, as they say this is not our first "rodeo".   Our first bus was a 28 foot school bus that we lived in for about 3 years.  Want to talk small energy footprint?