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AQUAPONICS farming  Uses only 1/4th the water with yields to 5 times the produce of ground farming CAN feed our world with safe, organic foods!  

The Great Mystery is we are so inter-connected even when we feel so far apart! We must first be grateful for the gift of our capacity for self-awareness--unique on the Earth and that humanity is evolving in consciousness towards balance, harmony and peace. 

Does your brow wrinkle with the thought of how such diverse subjects that seem in-congruent can truly be related? Among others, Quantum physics, Aikido, Deep Ecology, Tao and Zen teach that all phenomena are inter-related, mutually inter-dependent, co-arising realities. It is our "modern" materialistic minds which disguise this truth. We believe, and practice that, in order to change our outer world, we must first change our inner world and the “Way” is only one way to the ultimate truth.  It includes the Martial Arts, Buddhism and the Natural Sciences.

Y/our journey to wellness extends from self-care outwards. The “Way” begins with Self-Acceptance.  We "moderns" carry the delusion of being apart, individual, or separate from the natural world-wide "web" of life. Our egoic self is our "shadow self" --- underneath our awareness of which we are ignorant.  It is the root of all suffering; from repressed fear, anger and greed. hat Inner Freedom IS Power."If you let go a little you will have a little happiness. If you let go a lot you will have a lot of happiness. If you let go completely you will be free." — Ajahn Chah. Let go of hate, lust etc for Jesus tells us to have Life we must learn to Love Everyone always...    
This statement expresses the MISSION of Tiny House Big Garden

We believe that the definition of “healthy community” is to build and live what Buddha called the Middle Way. Walk each moment with focus and a compassionate heart that loves everyone.  We naturally also embrace Permaculture's three core values: Care for our Earth, Care for People, and Share the Surplus in community (fair trade).   Love, Serve, Remember... -Ram Dass

TINY HOME Communities in San Diego as Transitional Housing. HOWEVER,
Tiny Homes in California still face "Big Hurdles." -KPBS 2017 report